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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 16, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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this morning on "early today," executive push. president obama prepares a list of legislative demands for congressional leaders. great gorge, heavy rain create a massive drainage ditch near houston. and fit for a queen, a century's old diamond passed through generations in european royalty goes to the highest bidder. captions paid for by nbc-universal television this is "early today" for wednesday, may 16th, 2012. hello, good morning, i'm lynn berry. today we begin with presidential to-do list. the president is holding
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meetings with leaders from both parties, pushing an agenda including raising the dent ceiling by increases taxes on the rich. brian moor has details. >> reporter: the president hosting a bipartisan lunch at the white house, items on the menu republicans will find hard to swallow. today, president obama is issuing a to-do list for congress. and holding a rare sit-down with top lawmakers from both parties to get it all done. one of the first orders of business, raising the debt ceiling so the government can pay bills. john boehner is already drawing a hard line. >> when the time comes, i will again insist, my simple principle of cuts and reforms greater than the debt limit increase. >> reporter: that is setting the stage for yet another partisan showdown on capitol hill. >> american people had enough of this brinksmanship, they want to us get things done.
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>> reporter: on "the have you" the president wants to do what republicans won't, raising taxes on the rich. >> everybody will have to pay more in taxes so we don't have to raise taxes for middle class families. >> reporter: the president declined to give economic policies a letter grade, saying he has a to-do list of his own. this of course is an election year, there is a huge difference between talking about things to do and actually getting them down. lynn? brian mooar, thanks. the daughter of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards may testify today at her father's trial on charges of using campaign contributions to hide his extramarital affair. we don't know if edwards will take the stand. yesterday, the defense called several key witnesses to testify about the money trail. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: the pace of the trial increased dramatically for the defense. >> it was speed defending, five witnesses in the morning session. >> reporter: a group than
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cludded former mooib agent jim walsh ho ho told joors fred barron deposited tens of thousands of dollars in rielle hunter's account, undercutting the government's claim it centered on his run for the whites house. former commissioner scott thomas took the stand, his testimony was limited. outside the presence of the jury, thomas told the court "this is a clear cut case that the payments were not campaign contributions and that edwards had not violated the law" the judge ruled the opinions were inadmissible. >> he was able to tell the jury how complex the federal election laws are and in his 38 years of experience, both at the commission and in private practice, that he has never addressed the situation where a third party has asked to pay the debt of another third party. >> reporter: we also learned the defense is not likely to call the woman at the center of the legal and political soap opera.
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>> they have previewed to the judge the witnesses they intend to call. rielle hunter is not on the list. >> reporter: edwards daughter cate is on the list. >> defense will put more emotion back in the case, humanize john edwards a little bit and share insight in what was going on in the edwards families that drama was unfolding. >> reporter: drama that plays out publicly in the federal courthouse here. jay gray, nbc news, greensboro, north carolina. now here is a look at other stories make news early today in america. in texas last weekend storms created a massive ditch that just keeps on growing. they call it the grand canyon, though it could just as easily be taken for an earthquake fault. neighbors are worried it could event thrill swallow up their homes. officials warn rushing water ripped off concrete from a gas line. in colorado, two overenthusiastic wild fire
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spectators have been rescued, after hiking up the side of a hill to get a better view of the flames. the men got stuck in a crevice and sat for hours until rescuers could reach them. they used a trail that was closed due to the fire to get a better view. in kentucky, they are bridging the gap. time lapse video shows cranes hoisting a 200 ton section of bridge in place, after a cargo ship ran into the bridge about four months ago, it has been closed ever since. finally in georgia, a real cat's eye. that's right. researchers placed a small video camera on the collars of outdoor house cats. they could be seen crawling through storm drains, hiding under cars, hanging out with chickens, opos scsoms one was busted to spend time in another family's home. for a look at national and regional weather here is nbc
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meterologist bill karins, he has the weather channel forecast. quite the undercover operation. >> i had a cat that was a hunter. >> bring home treats? >> yeah. >> front door step. sorry chipmunks. heavy rain moving through the east we're just about done with it. according to the rain fault totals have been helpful, it has been dry in the east in the last four to five months. didn't see anything crazy as far as high amounts around scranton, in d.c., over an inch the last 48 hours, roanoke, knoxville, most areas picked up at least half an inch of rain. a little more rain out there this morning. not a lot, just a little bit, most of the heavy rain pushed off the coast just clipping here around cape cod and marchthat's vineyard. if you're going to get hit by down pours, look out around trenton, they are exiting philly heading up in new york city and up in the hudson valley, western
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portions of connecticut this morning. that is probably just about it. most of the country is dry today, summer weather pattern is established, jet stream going up through canada, a little dip in the great lakes, that is why it will be cooler in chicago and detroit. but from the rockies to the middle of the country, definitely feels like summer. that is the look at the national forecast, here is a look at the weather outside your window. florida entered the wet season, we'll add a chance of showers and thunderstorms each and every afternoon from here on out through the summer. has been the case for the last week around orlando to miami. there are the storms near new york. looks like we will finally clear out in new england for a beautiful stretch of weather starting tomorrow. bill, thanks so much. a ceo survives, gold tumbles, you may want to think about the so-called sugar boost. kind of a bummer. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead.
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breaking box office records, how much of the major stars from "the avenger" making from the hit. >> the kings continue their rode to dominance. . with the game on the line you won't believe who took the final shot for the heat. you're watching "early today."
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good morning welcome back to "early today" i'm lynn berry. here are some of the top headlines this morning. presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney notched two predictable primary wins in oregon and nebraska nebraska yesterday. former nebraska seb a tore and governor bob kerrey won the nomination to run for his old senate seat. in area an explosion hit near a vehicle in a convoy of united nations cease fire monitors. no one from the un team was hurt. father thomas williams, a high profile catholic priest is apologizing after admitting that he fathered a child several
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years ago. father williams, a tv commentator and a author of dozen books is dean of moral theology at a papal nun i veer tee in rome. one of the world's famous diamonds sold for $9.7 million. that is twice what was expected. the pear-shaped stone has been worn by the queen of france as well as members of other european royal families over the last 400 years. now here's an early look at one of top health headlines. new studies under way aimed at preventing alzheimers. one of the studies will test a drug that attacks a protein thought to be the cause of alzheimers in people genetically predisposed to develop the disease early. the second study will test use of in su lin nasal spray. for more information on this and other stories check out the health page at
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now here is an early look how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,632 after falling 63 yesterday. s and p down 7 points, nasdaq lost 8. overseas trading, in tokyo the nikkei dipped 99 points, while in hong kong the hang seng tumbled 634. he still chairman and ceo of jp morgan chase but safe to say jamie dimon stripped of his golden boy status. as protesters gathered outside tuesday's stock holders meetings, dimon apologized for a $2 billion trading loss he said never should have happened. jp morgan stock climbed for the first time since last week's revelation but the drama is far from over. the fbi has now opened an inquiry in those multi-billion dollar losses and the house financial services committee will begin its oin hearing in the trading blunder. asian stocks followed u.s. markets lower on fears greece
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could default if the country's anti-bail out leftist leaders gain power in elections next month. that turmoil has global investors selling gold and seeking safety in the dollar. overnight the precious metal plunged to a four-and-a-half month low. meanwhile oil fell to fresh six month lows, below $93 a barrel. j.c. penney tumbled 12% on weak earnings report and news it's doing away with quarterly dividends. the same week facebook is going public, general motor is pulling the advertising on the social network but will keep the facebook page. finally, here is some food for thought for you. before you reach for that sweet at your desk today. a new study at ucla finds eating too much sugar can eat away at your brain power. this based on effects observed on lab rats, memories. got to have a little bit. spurs wear down the clippers. l.a. is king of the road and the major league soccer champs visit
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the white house. plus, things get heated in miami as the pacers flex their muscle. early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. the middle of may is a stormy period in the middle of the country. not this year. your forecast is coming up you're watching "early today."
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good morning if you're just waking up this is "early today." in sports, last night in the nba playoffs with the miami heat down a major big man due to injury, the indiana pacers got physical. here is fred roggin with a early look at the sports headlines. good morning, so much for the heat rolling in the eastern conference finals, the pacers had other ideas. lebron james with two of the game high 28. indiana in the third took the lead. danny granger a jumper part of a 12-0 run. he fouled lebron, james not having it, these two have a history, cooler heads prevailed. fast forward, late in the fourth, miami down 3, 8 seconds to play. the question with the heat who will take the final shot. it wasn't lebron, it wasn't dwyane wade, mario chalmers, it came up empty. spurs had ten days off since
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the last game and rest did them good. came out firing against the clippers knocked down 13 three-pointers. tim duncan getting it down on the inside. 26 points. spurs won it 108-92. the bulls derrick rose recovering from successful surgery on his torn acl, expected to miss 8-12 months. jeff carter has been quiet this postseason until now. scored a goal in the first, had another in the second, another in the third. kings dominated the coyotes, perfect 7-0 on the road in the postseason won it 4-0. david beckham, and the rest of the l.a. galaxy honored for winning the mls championship and president obama didn't miss the chance to take a shot at the aging superstar, david beckham. >> i have to say i gave david a hard time, i said half his teammates could be his kids. a rare man who can be that tough on the field and also have his
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own line of underwear. >> that is the early look at sports on "early today," i'm fred roggin. recognizing someone who regularly makes us laugh, the early morning entertain headlines are straight ahead. not e-mail or texting, remember handwriting? you're watching "early today."
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welcome back to "early today." going to be a dry, summer-like wednesday in so many areas of the country. the exceptions, florida the afternoon thunderstorms, which are typical this time of year. and also from new york city northward through new england, very humid air mass in place, cold front will be moving through, we will get showers and thunderstorms even through northern new england. peek at tomorrow's forecast, dry it out for a beautiful day on the east, a few storms in the northern plains, but tell you what, a very dry middle of may. if you're watching us on wdiv, local 4 in detroit, michigan in plymouth, learn how the community rallied to support the war effort, ration stamps and bombers, world war 2 rm at home at the historical museum. that is the event of the day. an early look at headlines in entertainment. with the mon rerolling in for the avengers, do you ever wonder how much the actors are making? >> tell me. >> robert downey, jr. will make
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$50 million thanks to an amazing agent who signed a deal to get him a percentage of any film he plays ironman in. >> most movies don't make $50 million period. >> samuel l. jackson and scarlet johanssen reported 4 to 6 million. >> way underpaid. >> chris evans, and mark ruffalo and jeremy rener earned $3 million. lady gag gag's concert may be cancelled following islamic protests. john travolta's accuser admitted he had dates wrong. ellen dejenner rest 15th prize for the mark twain humor. >> ryan seacrest reportedly bought her estate for a whopping
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$37 million, which to seacrest is like i don't know, what, 50 cents? >> to robert downey, jr., that is spare change. this comes from kxas, in dallas-fort worth, in denton, a high school student became a national champion with the stroke of a pen. remember this? lauren is a seventh grader has the best handwriting in the country. cursive, a word kids don't know about. beat out 300,000 other students for the title, lauren says she was judged on her slant, loops, and that they had to be perfect. in this age of technology she types 42 words a minute and master of what many consider a dying art. i'm lynn berry this is "early today" your first stop of the day, today on your nbc station.
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it is 64 degrees at 4:28 this morning. we are looking for a day that doesn't feature a whole lot of rain for the most part. might still be moist, though. kind of humid. >> we'll see the sun today. >> we will see that at some point today. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome to "news4 today" for this wednesday, may 16, 2012. new this morning a violent home invasion in southeast washington. this happened along southern avenue. police tell us someone broke into the home and shot a man inside. the victim was taken to the
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hospital with gunshot wounds in the leg and his stomach. we're working to learn his condition. no arrests have been made. police are looking for the gunman in another shooting in southeast d.c. this one happened along martin luther king jr. avenue around 1:30 this morning. a man was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. his condition is not being released. maryland's budget battle could be settled today. the house of delegates expected to vote on a measure that would raise taxes on the state's top earners. the senate signed off yesterday. under the plan, individuals making more than $100,000 a year and couples making more than $150,000 a year would see their state income taxes increase. maryland will face a half billion dollars in spending cuts if lawmakers can't reach an agreement on a tax package during the special session. also today, president obama will urge congress to act on what he calls the to-do list of economic proposals. he'll hold a round table discussion with small business owners here in the district. he says they'll benefit from the